Intro to Python with Turtle Graphics

Introducing Python Turtle Graphics to your students is an excellent way to teach your students how to code. It's also an excellent tool to teach math and geometry, help students learn to look up information from documentation, and of course, learn Python.

Watch this 1-hour step by step PD on 'Intro to Python with Turtle Graphics'. Complete all 8 challenges! Through this lesson, you'll learn the basic Python syntax and be able to brainstorm student activities. All links introduced in the video are listed below.


  • Invite Code Request Form [link]
  • The editor [link]
  • 1-page syntax sheet [link]
  • Turtle Graphics Library [link]
  • Sample project for challenge 7 [link]
  • Sample project for challenge 8 [link]

The 8 Challenges

  1. Print Hello World - output, Strings
  2. Get user input - input, variables
  3. Move the turtle - objects
  4. Draw a square - sequence
  5. Use a loop - repetition
  6. Draw a triangle - repetition
  7. Turtle write - input, sequence
  8. The interactive turtle - functions, events

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